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31 Hallam Road, Hampton Park
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Dentures, Mouthguards and Splints

If you have some missing teeth, the cheapest way to replace them are Dentures. We provide all types of dentures from full, to partial acrylic, chrome and flexi Dentures. We can also arrange Implant supported Dentures from start to finish. We also make custom mouthguards for all sports in a variety of colours, don’t risk an injury, quite a few of the private health funds we work with provide a GAP FREE mouthguard yearly! If you grind your teeth and/or get jaw pain, you might need a splint. Our Dentists can assess and treat your TMJ, grinding or jaw muscles problems. Splint therapy is only one of many options available, see our Dentists today to get advice.


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We are proud to announce that we are now OPEN TILL 8PM on MON, WED, THURS. Don't forget we also open on Saturdays too! All part of our commitment to being more Accessible, Available and Affordable to you!

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